The mill has been featured in four publications to date, two by John Deere,  one by the Canadian Forest Industries, and one in the Logging and Sawmilling Journal. In addition, our founder, Andy Thompson, has been featured in a small business spotlight, and our administrator, Kirsteen Laing, has also been featured in a third publication by John Deere.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal – September/October 2021

Low grade wood = High grade benefits

Small Business Profile 2021 – Fall 2021

The publication with an article about Andy Thompson (Page 27)

Canadian Forest Industries – March/April 2021

Building a Niche

The Landing – Winter 2020

The article with a video at the end

The magazine (Page 6)

The Landing – Spring 2020

The magazine with an article about Kirsteen Laing (Page 18)

The Dirt – Summer 2020

The magazine (Page 12)

The video:

A couple of older publications

Interior News 16-07-27

N2K Aug 2016